Discover Geraldton, The Local Way.

Travel across our stunning town at the touch
of a button.

Travel across our stunning town at the touch of a button.

Geraldton Taxi
Geraldton Taxi


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Geraldton Taxi & Rideshare

Explore Geraldton with TaTa, the on-demand rideshare app that connects you with qualified local drivers.

TaTa Ride is the easiest way to discover Geraldton. Simply enter your pickup & drop-off locations, confirm the fare estimate and you’ll be connected with a Geraldton taxi driver in seconds. 

The App will provide details of your designated driver, including their photo, name and Geraldton taxi number. All of our drivers are qualified locals, so you’ll be supporting a local business while enjoying your journey!

Geraldton is a breathtaking coastal city in the Mid West region of Western Australia. TaTa Ride gives tourists and locals the freedom to explore Geraldton at the touch of a button. Our Geraldton Taxi service allows you to travel across the city – any time, any place.

Just like the TaTa lizard, as we locals call it, TaTa aims to be friendly, waving, welcoming, and fast! Just like a TaTa, we will be your guide to all the little local secrets! 

If you’d prefer to call, simply call our Geraldton taxi phone number at 08 6266 8372. We’re proud to offer the highest standards of Taxi service and the best Geraldton taxi rate in the area. It’s no wonder we’re a well reviewed taxi service in Geraldton.

For instant and effortless Geraldton taxi booking, simply book over the phone, on our website or with the TaTa ride App!

Geraldton Taxi
Simply enter your pick up and drop off addresses and tap “Proceed”. Review the fare & trip details and tap “Ride now” to get an INSTANT response from your nearest driver!
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